Red Kerala- Communism in the South of India

Gabriel Melo

Communism in Kerala is present, and it is functioning.

Walk the streets of Fort Kochi, Alappuzha, or Kollam. The hammer and sickle are abundant in near-Soviet proportions. Lenin, Marx, Guevara. All are numerous in Kerala. Much like in the Hindu tradition of adoration, communists in Kerala have turned those socialist icons of yesterday into Gods. The iconography decorates everything, from the street to the home, from party offices to reunion halls.

Communism is alive in Kerala. Not as a holdover from a bygone era, but as a present, and possible future. These images are evidence.

Communist Memorial
Great leaders
Communist platform and podium
Red Volunteer Youth Girls
Local Communist Office
Comrades in front of communist flags
Working Class and Great October Revolution
Communist Propaganda
Red Volunteer Youth

Source: Lense Culture

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